Man Steals 100 Phones At Coachella, Gets Caught By Find My Phone

18 April 2017, 09:49 | Updated: 18 April 2017, 09:54

Mobile phones stock image

According to reports, the New York native was apprehended after several festival-goers used the app to locate their smartphones.

A man stole over 100 smartphones at Caochella Festival only to be caught by their own technology.

As New York Post reports, a man identified as Renaldo De Jesus Henao, 36, lifted the bulk of the mobiles at the Saraha Tent, before continuing to make his way through the festival.

However, quick-witted festival-goers enabled their "Find My iPhone" feature to help locate the whereabouts of the New York native.

According to the outlet, Indio Police Sgt. Dan Marshall said that at least 20 of the phones had been reunited with their owners, with others in Coachella's lost property. 

Meanwhile, Henao is believed to have been charged with grand theft and receiving stolen property.

While most people can agree this is a major victory for the police and the Coachella crowd, some can't quite help but make a joke at the festival goers' expense, with some even calling him a hero for saving the internet from Coachella pics...

Either way, we don't think the story could have had a more beautifully fitting ending...