Bestival Just Got A 100 Times Better This Year, And Here's Why...

25 May 2016, 17:07 | Updated: 17 August 2017, 14:02

Bestival 2015

The Isle Of Wight-based event is looking to get into the record books again this year.

Bestival are hoping to break a record this year by hosting the world's biggest bouncy castle.

The huge inflatable structure, which is the result of a joint project between Bestival and Something Creatives, will be taking pride of place at the festival on 8-10 September- and you are very much invited to have a go on it.

The castle - which stands at 23.8 metres long, 20.7 metres wide and 12.8 metres tall at its highest point already far outstrips the previous record holder, which is 19 metres long, 19m wide and 12 metres high.

Let's just hope there aren't any huge pins around before the adjudicators turn up! 

Organiser Rob Da BanK said of the news: "We do love breaking a record and this is one of our funnest builds so far. Me and my mate Matt from the infamous Inflatable Church had a pipe dream about five years ago of building the world’s biggest bouncy castle, and this summer we’re making that a reality. 

"So polish your socks and step up for what will be one of the most innocent of pleasures - bouncing up and down with gay abandon with your mates, family or friendly strangers. See you on the castle!”

The structure will also be making an appearance at Southampton's Common People this Bank Holiday Weekend, and Camp Bestival before heading to the Isle of Wight-based event this September.

Bestival have previously broken the record for the world's largest fancy dress party, the biggest busk ever, and biggest disco ball. 

But for those who only care about the music Bestival 2016 will also play host to headliners, The Cure, Major Lazer and Hot Chip. 

See their full line-up here.

Watch the Bestival Summer Of Love aftermovie below: