This YouTube Video Shows A Hydraulic Press Squashing Fruit… And It’s Strangely Hypnotic

13 August 2016, 16:49 | Updated: 14 August 2016, 22:09

Hydraulic Press Channel

Think you’ve seen everything on YouTube? Of course you haven’t. The latest channel that’s wowing the YouTube community is a (fairly) new channel that concentrates on a powerful hydraulic press flattening a wide range of objects.

The channel, which appears to come out of Finland, says simply: “Wanna see stuff getting crushed by hydraulic press? This is the right channel for you. New videos and new stuff to crush every week.”

The clip that’s caught our eye is from the “Hydraulic Press Kitchen”, in which various deliciously juicy pieces of fruit get a pummelling. Check out the melon… when’s it gonna blow? Argh!

The items are pulverised methodically, to the accompaniment of Finnish titters from the spectators, who (we hope) work in the industrial facility that houses this wonder.

Sure, it’s wanton destruction, but there’s a strangely watchable, hypnotic element to the videos… plus a helping of genuine tension.

Look at this ice hockey puck - what will it DO? Will it burst? Or just go out with a whimper?


And then there’s Barbie getting pulverised out of all recognition, which is simultaneously horrible and fascinating… 

The owners of the channel are asking for suggestions for the next thing to squash, so get involved.