X-List: Six Songs About Beverages

29 September 2015, 07:33 | Updated: 9 August 2017, 10:14

The Beatles drinking tea 1964

To mark International Coffee Day, let’s notch up a handful of songs that mention drinks - both hot and cold. Nice.

Blur - Coffee And TV

It’s all Graham Coxon needs, apparently. Plus: bonus points for the dancing milk carton.


Beastie Boys - Intergalactic 

“I like my sugar with coffee and cream”


Oasis - Champagne Supernova

Expensive sparkling wine mixed with a stellar explosion - that’s a helluva metaphor.


Horchata - Vampire Weekend 

The name of a Spanish beverage made of almonds, rice, barley and more. Nice than it sounds.


Terrorvision - Tequila

It makes us happy! But please drink in moderation.


Nirvana - Pennyroyal Tea

Apparently about a Chinese beverage that makes one tell the truth…