Chill out playlist to get you through the post-Xmas slump

26 December 2019, 08:00 | Updated: 26 December 2019, 08:01

Christmas nap
Christmas nap. Picture: Getty Images

Need to settle your stomach after a day of indulgence? Kick back, clear your mind and put the cares of the everyday world behind you with some of the most hypnotic tracks we can find.

  1. Radiohead - Street Spirit

    Introverted classic from the brilliant album The Bends.

  2. Massive Attack - Teardrop

    An all time classic from 1998's Mezzaine album, give extra sparkle by the beautiful vocals of Elisabeth Fraser from the Cocteau Twins.

  3. Coldplay - Fix You

    Chris Martin's gentlest voice as he promises to make it all right.

  4. The Verve - Lucky Man

    Richard Ashcroft is one of our greatest poets.

  5. Portishead - Glory Box

    Bewitching trip hop from the masters of the genre.One of the less rowdier moments from the Gallagher brothers, from their final album, Dig Out Your Soul.

  6. Foo Fighters - Next Year

    The less raucous side to Big Dave Grohl.

  7. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue

    Anthony Kiedis gets all introspective for once.

  8. Blur - The Universal

    Incredibly orchestrated pastiche from Albarn, Coxon and co.The Swedish guitarist and singer's best known track - a gentle cover of The Knife's electro pop hit.

  9. Paul Weller - Wild Wood

    One of the Modfather's gentler moments.

  10. Moby - Porcelain

    A beautiful piece from the New York producer and musician.

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