The Best Break-Up Songs Of All Time

17 June 2018, 10:30 | Updated: 17 June 2018, 10:31

Broken hearts
Broken hearts. Picture: Getty Images

Love life not going to plan? Here are some of the bitterest, most moving breakup songs in indie and rock history to get you through the pain...

  1. Gotye - Somebody I Used To Know

    "Well you said that we would still be friends / But I'll admit that I was glad that it was over." Time to pack your books and records up, Kimbra.

  2. The Cure - Boys Don't Cry

    "I would say I'm sorry / If I thought that it would change your mind." Yeah, but it won't will it? Better get over it.

  3. The xx - Say Something Loving

    “I just don't remember the thrill of affection…” SOMEONE forgot Valentine’s Day.

  4. The Streets - Dry Your Eyes

    "Dry your eyes mate, / I know it’s hard to take but her mind has been made up, / There’s plenty more fish in the sea." Mike Skinner is the best mate you could ever have.

  5. Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out

    "Take what you need / And be on your way / And stop crying your heart out." Some sobering advice from Liam, who knows a thing or two about a break-up.

  6. The Vaccines - Post Break-Up Sex

    "Post break-up sex / That helps you forget your ex / What did you expect / From post break-up sex?" Justin Young explains why you shouldn't go there.

  7. Blur - No Distance Left To Run

    "I won't kill myself, trying to stay in your life / I got no distance left to run." One of the bleakest break-up songs ever... but with a hint of redemption.

  8. Foo Fighters - Best Of You

    "I've got another confession my friend, / I'm no fool, / I'm getting tired of starting again, / Somewhere new." Big Dave has finally had enough.

  9. The Smiths - I Know It's Over

    "As I climb into an empty bed / Oh well, enough said." Morrissey faces the uncomfortable truth.

  10. Coldplay - Shiver

    "From the moment I wake, / To the moment I sleep, / I'll be there by your side, / Just you try and stop me, / I'll be waiting in line, / Just to see if you care."

  11. Arctic Monkeys - Leave Before The Lights Come On

    "How can you wake up, / With someone you don't love? / And not feel slightly fazed by it." Alex Turner (metaphorically) slaps you round the chops.

  12. Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up

    "Keep your head up, keep your heart strong. / Keep your mind set, keep your hair long." Long hair will get you through this one.

  13. Maximo Park - Books From Boxes

    "You have to leave. I appreciate that, / But I hate when conversation slips out of our grasp." Paul Smith struggles with the small stuff.

  14. Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

    "When routine bites hard / And ambitions are low / And resentment rides high / But emotions won't grow." Well, that sounds like the end of that, then.

  15. Paolo Nutini - One Day

    "You ask me to remember / A kiss is but a kiss / Well I'd be a fool to want more from you / And I'm gone in a while." SEE YA, says Paolo.

  16. Muse - Time Is Running Out

    "I wanted freedom, / Bound and restricted, / I tried to give you up, / But I'm addicted." Come on, Matt Bellamy. You're better than this.

  17. Bon Iver - Skinny Love

    "In the morning I'll be with you, / But it will be a different kind, / I'll be holding all the tickets / And you'll be owning all the fines." Brutal stuff from Justin Vernon.

  18. Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

    "You went back to what you knew / So far removed from all that we went through / And I tread a troubled track / My odds are stacked / I'll go back to black." The queen of the "troubled track" with one of her finest songs.

  19. Beck - Guess I'm Doing Fine

    "It's only lies that I'm living / It's only tears that I'm crying / It's only you that I'm losing / Guess I'm doing fine." From the best break-up album EVER, Sea Change.

  20. Placebo - The Bitter End

    "In six week's time / The mess you left / Will end / See you at the bitter end." It's good to put a time limit on these things, says Brian Molko.

  21. Frank Turner - Recovery

    "And I've been waking in the morning just like every other day / And just like every boring blues song I get swallowed by the pain." FT goes off the rails spectacularly. But he'll get there, eventually.