10 Polite And Complimentary Songs

17 February 2016, 10:50 | Updated: 9 August 2017, 10:14

Dandy Warhols 1998

It's Random Acts Of Kindness Day in the UK! Let's recall some of the most politely turned out and lovely songs of all time.

1. Jeff Buckley - Everybody Here Wants You

"Twenty-nine pearls in your kiss, a singing smile/Coffee smell and lilac skin, your flame in me."


2. The Charlatans - You're So Pretty We're So Pretty

"You're so pretty, we're so pretty, show me the money baby…"

3. Embrace - All You Good Good People

"All you good good people listen to me. You're just about done with the way that you feel."

4. Fatboy Slim - Praise You

"I have to celebrate you baby, I have to praise you like I should."

5. Kings Of Leon - Fans

"All of London sing, 'Cause England swings the extra love the tales I bring."

6. Justice Vs Simian -  We Are Your Friends

"We are your friends, you'll never be alone again."

7. The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You

"I really love your hairdo, yeah.  I'm glad you like mine too, see what looking pretty cool will get ya?"


8. Arctic Monkeys - I Bet That You Look On The Dancefloor

"Stop making the eyes at me, I'll stop making my eyes at you. What it is that surprises me is that I don't really want you to."

9. Babybird - You're Gorgeous

"Because you're gorgeous, I'd do anything for you. Because you're gorgeous, I know you'll get me through."


10. Bloc Party - Compliments

Because it's all about compliments (possibly).


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