Weezer's Thank God For Girls isn't the only WTF video out there...

24 May 2018, 11:17

Weezer - Thank God For Girls

See more weird and wonderful vids from David Bowie, Electric Six and The Cure.

Weezer are back with their Thank God For Girls video, and the internet responded appropriately by collectively thinking: 'what the hell?'


While the Weezer's new sound has split some, the video is causing others to wonder if they're just being wound up by the band.

After all, the accompanying single artwork is a picture of this: 


But if you think Weezer's latest video is bad, they haven't got a patch on these lot. See the weird and wacky vids that have had us screaming over the years...

David Bowie - Loving The Alien

So, 80s David Bowie might be a bit of an easy target, but his Loving The Alien video really is next level crazy. Bowie dons blue make-up, gets unhappily married, hangs out in a temple and plays with a band of weird stone men. Then he turns up in a hospital bed, kisses someone else, then gets electrocuted. Just bonkers.



Electric Six - Gay Bar

After a shocking debut video in Danger! High Voltage, no one was expecting a shy and retiring second from Electric Six. However, nobody was expecting lots of scantily clad Abraham Lincolns riding exercise bikes, either. And let's not even mention the significance of that hamster in a tube. 




Devo -  Girl U Want

If Devo weren't wacky enough already, their Girl U Want video sees them play to a demented audience of screaming girls. But what's with the weird dancers in the background? And the interlude with the fat bloke?



Robbie Williams - Rock DJ

Robbie Williams' skin-tearing act might seem tame now, but when it first came out, Rock DJ was so shocking and random, it was banned from daytime TV. 



Björk - Army of Me

Where there's a WTF video list, there has to be a Björk. This bonkers vid sees the Icelandic star save a loved one by blowing him up, after getting a diamond extracted from her mouth by a gorilla dentist. Make sense? No, we didn't get it either.




Supergrass - Pumping On Your Stereo

More wonderful than weird, the Hammer & Tongs-directed video sees the band's floating heads attached to huge puppet bodies. Extra points for the smiley-faced bass drum.




The B-52s - Rock Lobster 

There's no denying Rock Lobster is an absolute banger, and this barmy video matches The B-52s' nonsensical lyrics perfectly.



The Cure - Never Enough

Robert Smith and his band cemented themselves as the ultimate misfits with their Never Enough video, which sees them become the object of an end-of-pier freak show. 



The Prodigy - Baby’s Got A Temper

The Essex dance act are known for their shocking videos, but Baby's Got a Temper - which sees topless slaves milking drugged-up cows and serving their laced milk to junkies - truly takes the biscuit.