This Conversation Is Over! The Most Awkward Music Interviews Ever Vol. 1

30 April 2017, 12:45

Stone Roses Interview 1989 part 1.


Sometimes the interviewer/interviewee chemistry just isn't there. And when it's not, things can get VERY awkward. Have a look.

Warning: This Article Contains Strong Language!

1. Ian Brown and John Squire Say NOTHING

Music Box. 1989. Stone Roses are about to go stellar. Are they excited about it? No. In fact, they're reluctant to say anything at all.

Interviewer: "So what do you most fear then?"
Ian Brown: "The police."

2. Courtney Love Vs. Madonna

It's 1995 and Madonna & MTV are having a very civil interview. Suddenly, Courtney Love starts throwing her shoes at Madge and chaos ensues. Love manages to hijack the interview, highlight every issues she has with Madonna, and then force her to leave. Outstanding work. 
Courtney to Madonna: "But you don't even DO rockstars? You, as Michael Stipe would say, dip in and out of the population."
Madonna: "Yeah…" 

3. Noel, Liam And "Wibbling Rivalry"

One of the most famous Gallagher interviews from the Britpop era, this infamous 1994 NME chat saw Noel and Liam debating (in their own way) whether it's rock n' roll or not to get chucked off a ferry. The interview was later released as a single, under the name Oas*s. 
John Harris (interviewer): "But The Who hated each other..."
Liam: "Well I hate this bastard [Noel]. And that's what it's all about. And that's why we'll be the best band in the world. Because I fucking hate that twat."

4. Jet-lagged Rivers Cuomo

The iconic Australian music show Recovery was host to many an awkward interview. In 1996, a very jet-lagged Weezer frontman could barely speak as the host, Dylan Lewis, makes sly digs about his lacklustre attitude. The term "passive-aggressive" must have been coined on this very day.
Rivers: "We're still a little sleepy from jet-lag."
Dylan: "Really? You can't tell… "

5. Mark E. Smith On Newsnight

John Peel had just passed away and, considering he was such a big fan of The Fall, Newsnight got Mark E. Smith in to share his thoughts. The results are absolutely bizarre. We're not sure if Smith is having trouble hearing, had a drop too much, or is just on another planet, but it makes for some very awkward viewing.
Mark E. Smith: "Am I allowed to speak now?"
Interviewer: "Yes…"
Mark E. Smith: "Right… Well...  whatever you said."  

6. Rhona Cameron, a sock puppet, and an inconsolable Richey Edwards

Comedian Rhona Cameron interviewed Manic Street Preachers for the TV show Wire in 1993... and it's a difficult watch. Cameron is perhaps not the best person to deal with a sullen and introverted Richey Edwards. If anything, she seems to make things worse…
Cameron (After pushing a puppet in his face to help "perk him up"): "So what do you really hate about your life the most?"
Edwards: "Myself. Probably."

7. Alex Turner And Suzanna Reid Flirting

The flirting between Alex Turner and presenter Suzanna Reid is enough to make Christian Grey blush. After a rather nice interview, Reid goes in for a rather uncomfortable joke. Alex doesn't know where to look. It's all too much. Scroll forward to 4.33 for the tackiness.
Suzanna Reid: "Are you going to be doing Strictly? Because, I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor…"
Alex Turner: "Definitely…"

8. John Lydon Is Upset About Something Or Other

Picture this: some regional kids' TV show in 1979 called Check It Out. Lydon's new band Public Image Ltd are on, bizarrely. Two presenters that look like geography teachers have just played the former Sex Pistol a clip of a young punk claiming Lydon had "sold out". Cue furious flounce.
Interviewer: "Well, I think we've heard this story before."
Lydon: "Really? Would you like to tell me where?"