Alexis Taylor breaks down his biggest tracks in Song CV

29 October 2021, 15:30 | Updated: 29 October 2021, 16:41

By Jenny Mensah

The Hot Chip co-creator has been behind many tracks over the years. Watch him break down some of his biggest songs to Radio X.

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Alexis Taylor is best known for being a co-creator and band member of Hot Chip.

But when he's not being in one of those most important British electronic bands of the last decade, he also features in the supergroup About Group and has six solo albums to his name.

To celebrate his last effort, Silence, being released last month we had the man himself talk us through some of his most noted works.

From Over and Over to House of the Truth; sit back and relax as Alexis Taylor talks us through some of his biggest works. There are some right bangers in there, too!

Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip breaks down some of his biggest songs
Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip breaks down some of his biggest songs. Picture: Radio X/Press

The inspiration behind Alex Taylor's Silence album started a few years ago. He began thinking about the concept of silence as a subject, which became even more poignant as tinnitus began in his right ear in 2019 at a Hot Chip show.

The artist explained: "I started to think about what it meant to me to lose quietness, solitude, meditative head space - as that was no longer available to me."

Mostly composed in enforced isolation, Silence is conceptual album that has drawn early comparisons with a notably eclectic range of artists including Mark Hollis, George Michael, Big Star, Epic Soundtracks and Maher Shalal Hash Baz.

Stream Silence, which is out now, here

Get the tracklisting for Alexis Taylor's Silence here:

  1. Dying in Heaven
  2. Death of Silence
  3. House of the Truth
  4. Violence
  5. Strange Strings
  6. Thylacine
  7. I Look To Heaven
  8. Melting Away
  9. Consequences
  10. You've Changed Your Life
  11. Silence
  12. Wollongong Waves