"Amateurs!" The Greatest Musical TV Moments

The Stone Roses on The Late Show

Video killed the radio star…apparently. Here are some of Radio X's favourite moments that demonstrate how that's not quite the case.

The Stone Roses On The Late Show, 1989

There isn't too much footage of The Stone Roses performing on TV, so their performance on late night BBC2 arts programme The Late Show was special enough. However, a minute and a half into Made Of Stone the power cut off and Ian Brown can be heard shouting "amateurs!" If nothing else, you have to respect presenter Tracy MacLeod for carrying on with Ian shouting in the background.

The Killers On The OC, 2004

Whatever your opinion of The OC - the show that saw young beautiful Californian teenagers argue about God only knows what - they did have some good bands on; the likes of The Walkmen, Modest Mouse, The Thrills, The Subways, Death Cab For Cutie and loads more all performed at nightclub The Bait Shop. It was The Killers performing Mr. Brightside, however, that really turned heads, exposing the Las Vegas band to an enormous mainstream audience. The appearance was the catalyst that sparked their whole career, with Mr Brightside becoming one of the most iconic tracks of the noughties.



The Ordinary Boys' Preston On Never Mind The Buzzcocks, 2007

Preston, lead singer of The Ordinary Boys, became a household name in the mid to late noughties when he entered Celebrity Big Brother at the height of the show's popularity. His romance with housemate Chantelle (who ironically wasn't famous at all) was a hit with celeb mags and suddenly people started listening to his band. Their shameless self promotion as a couple made them easy targets in the media. On Never Mind The Buzzcocks in 2007 host Simon Amstell pushed Preston too far and he stormed off the show.

The Smiths On Datarun, 1984

This is a perfect example of some of the ludicrous promotion The Smiths used to do as they tried to make a name for themselves, with one of many appearances on kids' TV in the North West. Morrissey is unusually chirpy in the clip and, surprisingly, answers a heap of probing questions from schoolkids pretty seriously. This is journalism at its finest, with questions like "Why do you wave flowers around?"

Chad Smith Vs. Will Ferrell Drum Off, 2014

Chad Smith, drummer for Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Will Ferrell, star of almost every big comedy of the last 10 years, look so alike it's almost scary. In May 2014, Jimmy Fallon finally brought them together to have the drum off that Ferrell had been asking for for months. The result is outstanding. But who won?

Liam Gallagher At The BRIT Awards, 2010

In 2010, Noddy Holder presented the BRIT Award for Best British Album of 30 Years to Oasis for (What's The Story?) Morning Glory. Liam Gallagher turned up and was his usually dry self. After thanking the fans and…um…Bonehead, Liam proceeds to throw the award into the crowd along with the microphone. It's just rock n' roll baby.

At The Drive In On Later…, 2000

The camera could barely keep track of the At The Drive In lads as they thrashed around on Later With Jools Holland in 2000. As they performed their hit One Hand Scissor they gave one of the most memorable performances the show had ever seen. They fell over, jumped off the drum-kit, threw chairs around - the lot. The band shortly imploded after the performance…probably because they were tired out.

Justin Bieber On CSI, 2010

Justin Bieber gets shot on CSI. It's worth a look.