Get a load of these Rock 'N' Roll Stats

20 May 2017, 17:06

U2 360 Tour earnings

From ticket sales to decibels, get number crunching with these awesome stats from the world of rock with U2, Metallica and more...

It's world stats day, and at Radio X we're taking a look at some of the biggest feats in the world of Rock. From ticket sales to decibels, sit back and take in some stat-tastic info from the likes of Metallica, Led Zepplin and the Flaming Lips. 

Leftfield - Loudest Gig

When touring their debut album, Leftism, the electronica band became known for having some of the loudest shows around. In 1996, when playing Brixton Academy, the band played so loud that dust and plater fell from the roof. The sound volume was recorded at 137 decibels. 

Led Zeppelin - Highest Demand for Tickets for One Music Concert

You might think it's impossible to get a Glasto ticket nowadays, but in 2007, Led Zep broke the record for the Highest Demand for Tickets for One Music Concert. When the band released tickets for a one-time reunion show, a recorded 20 million requests for the show were recorded online.

Metallica - Only band to tour all seven continents 


US rock band Metallica became the first and only band to tour all seven continents when they played Antartica in 2013. In a gig fittingly named, Freeze Them All, saw them play for 120 scientists and competition winners at Carlini Station in Antarctica. If that wasn't enough, the Enter Sandman stars managed to do it in just one calendar year. That's a lot of air miles.

The Flaming Lips - Most shows in 24 hours

The Flaming Lips broke the Guinness World Record on 27 June 2012 for the most live gigs in 24 hours, outstripping Jay Z of the title. The Lips set off on a tour bus to play eight shows, starting in Memphis and ending in New Orleans. The attempt - which was part of the O Music Awards - ended with 20 minutes to spare. Hunter Hayes has since broken their record, with a charity concert to end child hunger.

Weezer - Largest Game of Dodgeball, Most People in a Custard Pie Fight,  Largest Air Guitar Ensemble, playing on the World’s Smallest Drum Kit and more

Trust Weezer to kill several birds with one stone. Their Troublemaker video featured the band and their fans breaking several records such as Largest Air Guitar Ensemble, Most People on a Skateboard, Longest Session of Guitar Hero World Tour, Largest Game of Dodgeball, and Most People in a Custard Pie Fight.

U2 - Highest Grossing Tour for the 360° Tour

Forget about the Rolling Stones or One Direction; U2 are still absolutely raking it in when it comes to live shows! Their 360° Tour is still recorded as the highest grossing tour of all time, earning a reported $736,421,584. Read it and weep Jagger.