Need Motivation To Get You Through The Rest Of Dry January?

16 January 2018, 13:31 | Updated: 16 January 2018, 17:53

Stock image people reaching for beers at the pub

We're just over half-way through the month, which means you're probably already flagging. If so, let Radio X steer you through the next 15 days...

If you're currently one of the heroes attempting Dry January, then give yourself a massive pat on the back you for getting here so far. 

But now you're at the halfway point, you're probably feeling like you've hit a wall, and that wall has BEER written in huge graffiti all over it. 

If this is you, then worry not, because Radio X has 5 reasons to help you absolutely smash the next 15 days of alcohol-free living! Trust us, it will go by in a flash. 

Here's five reasons to keep going you legend: 


1. Think of all the money you've saved

Let's be fair, it's January so you're broke anyway. But while most of your colleagues are looking into selling an organ to see them through to pay day, you're actually doing alright. 

Actually, compared to your friends you are practically rolling in dough, because going on a night out is basically doing this...


2. You look and feel great

Booze equals calories, and provided you haven't been swapping pints and glasses of wine for chocolates and crisps, you should be looking and feeling a LOT lighter. 

Plus, if you're not on the lash twice a week, you're not getting that drunken kebab either. While you're not gonna be on the cover of a fitness mag anytime soon, you'll be feeling fitter than Alex Turner come January 31.  



3. You're mastering the art of socialising 

Let's face it: Most Brits are pretty terrible at socialising without alcohol. We find it awkward, daunting, and a bit boring if we're honest. And, while we know there's nothing more annoying than drunk people when you're sober, just think of all the great skills you're improving on by getting on with your life alcohol-free.  

Seriously, if you can do a whole month of socialising with work mates, going to birthday parties, catching up with your friends or even going on dates without so much as a lime and soda, think of all the confidence you can muster going into your next job interview. 

Just don't do a Spud from Trainspotting, whatever you do...

4. The glory

OK, so no one likes a bragger, but completing Dry January is actually a massive achievement... A bit like running the marathon. Even if you absolutely hated every moment of it and vow never do it again, you can always say that one time you did. 

No matter how much you love the sesh, no one can ever take this month away from you. So feel free to swagger around like Mr LG himself. You've earned it. 

5. Oh, and did we mention the money?

Keep going champ!

Lead photo credit: Caiaimage/Paul Bradbury/Getty Images