The most infamous stage invasions and heckles

27 December 2020, 14:00

Iggy Pop jumps into the crowd off the Other Stage at Glastonbury 2007
Iggy Pop jumps into the crowd off the Other Stage at Glastonbury 2007. Picture: Rosie Greenway/Getty Images

Let's look at the times when the crowd become part of the show, from stage invasions to demonstrations of disapproval. WARNING: swearing AND nudity!

  1. Daphne And Celeste Don’t Go Down Well At Reading

    Reading Festival fans are not backwards in coming forwards when it comes to letting the artists know what they think. And the crowd weren't having any of it when pop princesses Daphne And Celeste were booked to perform on the Sunday afternoon in 2000, among such hardcore punk rock acts as 'A', Blink-182 and Stereophonics. The pair were given the bum's rush with a variety of flying objects, but gamely stayed on stage for their entire slot, delivering their hit U.G.L.Y. with aplomb.

  2. Elastica And A Nude Man At Glastonbury, 1995

    At the "Britpop Glastonbury", friend of the band Ant Genn decided to pay tribute to Elastica's music in the only way he knew how: by getting naked and invading the stage. Genn went on to front the band The Hours and later admitted he was particularly out of it on that day.

  3. Iggy Pop Stops Glastonbury (Temporarily)

    The Stooges' headlining set on The Other Stage at Glastonbury in 2007 was full of classic garage hits, but the show came to a standstill once the Igmeister started to invite muddy fans onstage. One went, many followed. It was quite a sight. Think of the sweeping up involved afterwards!

  4. Smiths Fans Get Over-Excited, 1983

    The fan adoration that we see at Morrissey shows these days had its genesis in the early days of The Smiths, of course. The stage was always covered with flowers and Moz would connect with the audience in such a personable way that it was no wonder it got out of hand sometimes. This early show at Derby's Assembly Rooms sees the singer struggle to stay on-mike and on his feet.

  5. Download Isn’t Keen On My Chemical Romance, 2007

    For some reason, Gerard Way and his crew were not the band of choice for the Download crowd that year, who decided to show their dislike of Welcome To The Black Parade with the traditional volley of detritus. They'd stood through sets by Dragonforce, Wolfmother and Velvet Revolver beforehand, so they had to let out their frustrations some way, we suppose. Everyone's looking forward to the MCR reunion, of course.

  6. Morrissey Gets Hit On The Head By A Bottle

    A plastic bottle of water, we hasten to add, but this was still disrespectful enough to cause Morrissey to leave the stage immediately, midway through his second song at the Liverpool Arena in November 2009. In light of Morrissey's recent comments, this clip is now liable to arouse more amusement these days because 1) it's such a good shot and 2) it's such a petulant flounce. "Goodbye."

  7. Liam Gallagher Threatens To Slap A Fan

    In this throwback Oasis footage from the Supersonic documentary, Liam Gallagher takes on a baying crowd, and focuses on fans that decide to hurl boots and bottles on stage the rocker. Three words: "fucking coconut stall". Oh, OK.

  8. MGMT Get Their Bluff Called

    At the US Open Of Surfing in California in 2011, guitarist James Richardson walked onto the stage and cried: “Everybody give me your left shoe, right now.” What he hadn’t bargained for was the fact that this was a surfin’, beach-type event and shoes were not essential. Cue a huge hail of shoes, flip flops and sandals. “That was probably a bad idea,” said the chastened musician as footwear continued to fly at his head.

  9. Babyshambles Show Ends In… Shambles

    Stage invasions are nothing unusual at a Pete Doherty show, but this one was within the hallowed environs of the Royal Albert Hall. Halfway through the encore of I Wish, some audience members decided to show their love for the Libertine in the only way they knew how.

  10. Badly Drawn Boy: “You’re Shit!”

    The Northampton Music Festival wasn't the hottest date on the gigging calendar in 2012, but something had rattled Damon Gough's cage that day and he was in a particularly bad mood. The crowd responded in kind with a barrage of foul-mouthed abuse. Not Safe For Work! As one member of the audience complains about the language on display: "There are kids here!"