Batman V Superman, Alien V Predator And The Greatest Grudge Matches In Film

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Official Trailer 2 [HD]


The two superheroes went head to head… but which other great film franchises have clashed on celluloid? Radio X takes a look back at the greatest movie smackdowns in history…

1. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016)

Ben Affleck IS Batman. Henry Cavill IS Superman. Asses WILL get kicked. And Wonder Woman’s in it, too. It’s all part of the “DC Comics Extended Universe” (it says here) and was one of 2016’s biggest blockbusters, which just shows that the old comic book tactic of “team-ups” still worked here in the 21st Century - that is, putting two characters in one comic to sell more copies.

2. King Kong Vs Godzilla (1962)

The grumpy Japanese dinosaur decided to take on one of cinema’s greatest icons in what was only his third movie. Willis O’Brien, who animated the original Kong, reportedly cried when this film was announced by the Japanese studio Toho - by the time the US version was released, O’Brien was dead. We’re not sure what he’d think of the bloke-in-a-mangy-suit Kong. Debate has raged for years over who actually wins the battle of the monsters, but they’re planning a remake in 2020. Oof.

3. Alien V Predator (2004)

Also known as AVP if you’re in a hurry, this blockbuster pitted the two-mouthed extra-terrestrial of Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic with the dreadlocked space fiend of the 1987 Schwarzenegger vehicle. The tagline explains its all: “Whoever wins… We lose.” A follow-up followed up in 2007.

4. Freddy Vs Jason (2003)

Mysterious child abuser from beyond the grave takes on mysterious dead-child-now-adult from beyond the grave in this slaughter fest. Forget trying to reconcile the two fictional universes of A Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday The 13th and enjoy Robert Engluand as Freddy Krueger hamming it up for maximum laughs.

5. Dracula Vs Frankenstein (1971)

Incredibly, this meeting of horror icons was made back in ’71 on a shoestring budget and starring Universal Horror superstar Lon Chaney Jr in his final role. Dracula was played by the pseudonymous “Zandor Vorkov” (WHO?) and John Bloom (star of The Incredible Two Headed Transplant, you remember) was Frank. We’d like to tell you who won, but we don’t know anyone who’s stayed awake long enough to see the end.

6. Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus (2009)

Loses several thousand points for having two “protagonists” who hadn’t officially appeared in a film of their own, but what the heck, here are two underwater behemoths kicking of. Figuring that people would download/buy the DVD based on the amazing title and stupid trailer alone (the “Snakes On A Plane” effect), the makers of the film found that they had a viral hit on their hands, with over a million views on YouTube for the teaser. It’s pants, of course. The real winners are obviously the CGI FX houses who were kept in business by the millions of sequels: Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus anyone? 

7. Cockneys Vs Zombies (2012)

Cashing in on the success of Shaun Of The Dead, here’s another horror-comedy that sees some Londoners try and escape from a zombie apocalypse. We could have sworn Danny Dyer was in this, but he was not. Instead, this was the last movie role of sitcom legend Richard Briers. And that’s the REAL shocker.

8. The Ring Vs The Grudge (aka Sadako Vs Kayako, 2016)

The two terrifying Japanese horror movies were joined together in a grusome spectacular. This was initially announced on 1 April 2015 as a joke, but it turned into an ACTUAL film.


9. Jaws Vs Big Jaws

Sadly this team up between Jaws and “an even bigger Jaws” was only real in the imagination of Peter Griffin in the animated comedy Family Guy.