Who Mat Whitecross Should Make A Documentary About Next...

22 November 2016, 16:45 | Updated: 22 November 2016, 17:46

Mat Whitecross Supersonic director premiere

From The Cure to the Happy Mondays. Here's who should get the Supersonic treatment.

Mat Whitecross' Oasis documentary touched celebrities and civilians alike, with everyone from Ewan McGregor to Ryan Adams feeling nostalgic for the 90s, and yearning for the days of proper rock 'n' roll.

Now the film maker has told NME he'd like to immortalise more artists on the big screen, and we couldn't agree with him more.

Whitecross has thrown everyone from Arctic Monkeys to Joni Mitchell into the ring, but here's who we really think he should make a documentary about:

Happy Mondays

We've all watched 24 Hour Party People, so we know a film that has anything to do with the Madchester days would be funny, fabulous and frightening in good measure. Plus, it's clear with Spike Island and Supersonic under his belt, Whitecross can't get enough of a Mancunian band. 

The Stone Roses

Manchester band? Tick! Epic songs? Tick. An unforgettable frontman and a band with a ridiculous amount of banter? Tick! Tick! Shane Meadows' Made Of Stone documentary followed the story of the band reforming after a 16-year-split in 2012. But with the band returning with new music in 2016 and playing epic homecoming gigs at Manchester's Etihad Stadium, there's definitely enough material for another film.

New Order 

The New Order Story saw the Blue Monday band chronicled just before their five year split in 1993, but A LOT has happened since then. Lawsuits. Line-up changes. Peter Hook. Need we say any more? 

David Bowie

There can always be more David Bowie documentaries in the world. Whether you prefer the late icon as Ziggy Stardust or the Thin White Duke, there's just so many great looks and tunes to choose from. Whitecross said icons like Bowie's lives were so rich, you could "make 10 [or] 20 films"  about them. We'd certainly like to see him give at least one a go. 

Arctic Monkeys

They may be a relatively young band compared to some of the veterans in this list, but Alex Turner and his crew are ripe for the Whitecross treatment. Often cited as one of the last true band's to develop before the explosion of social media, the Yorkshire outfit's story would mark both the end of an era and the beginning of a new one, and would no doubt have us all feeling nostaglic for the days before YouTube and Snapchat.

The Smiths

Morrissey brought out his Autobiography memoir, while Johnny Marr released Set The boy Free. So why not smoosh all that greatness together  with some awesome footage and interviews thrown in too? As Whitecross said: we know from Marr's book that the pair sat down in the pub together... so maybe it could happen again?

Plus we need to see more beauties like this: 

The Cure

The Cure and co. are still touring and are more current than ever, so there's plenty more to say and tons more footage to see. 

Red Hot Chili Peppers

OK, hear us out. We know they're not British, and we know there's already tons of stuff about them out there, but these guys are a machine that just can't be stopped. 


The Leicester-based band have plenty of heart and attitude, a seriously big fanbase and even bigger stories to tell. The silver-tongued Tom Meighan and the sartorially-blessed Serge Pizzorno would ensure the filmed looked and sounded brilliant, and would be full of one-liners and hilarious boasts. Plus their epic celebrations surrounding Leicester City FC's Premiership win could be a movie in itself. 

Sounds Eez-eh enough to us!

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