Rock resignations: the band members that quit

4 April 2020, 13:00 | Updated: 4 April 2020, 13:01

Kasabian pose at a studio session at The Plaggey Bag Ranch on Januray 28, 2004 in Leicestershire
Kasabian pose at a studio session at The Plaggey Bag Ranch on Januray 28, 2004 in Leicestershire. Picture: Maurits Sillem/Getty Images

Most bands will have their disagreements, but sometimes it's enough to make one member actually leave the band. We profile some of the walk-outs and where they are now.

  1. Kasabian - Chris Karloff

    Karloff was the guitarist in the Leicester band from the early days, and actually gave the group the name Kasabian. However, during the making of their second LP, Empire, he left when the band “experienced certain creative and artistic differences”. He subsequently worked with a new project, Black Onassis.

  2. Depeche Mode - Vince Clarke

    Cheeky leather-clad scamps Depeche Mode overcame the departure of their Vince Clarke to reach new heights. Plenty of things were blamed for the move, including diverging music tastes and fights on the band's tour bus. The Mode went on to get very, very dark indeed...and Vince formed Erasure.

  3. New Order - Peter Hook

    In 2007, Peter Hook announced that New Order had broken up. Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris later said that was news to them and New Order continued without him. The bassist now fronts his own band, Peter Hook And The Light.

  4. Interpol - Carlos D

    The most eye-catching member of Interpol (thanks to dressing like an 'Allo 'Allo! baddie), Carlos D walked out on the band in 2010. He's barely kept in touch with the band since, but has at least toned down his dress style in recent years.

  5. Kaiser Chiefs - Nick Hodgson

    Nick Hodgson was the main songwriter for the Chiefs, but he reckoned that age (he quit at 35) and a dislike of touring meant it was time for some quiet, rather than riots. He now focuses his attention on producing.

  6. Arctic Monkeys - Andy Nicholson

    In the summer of 2006, as the Monkeys started to take over the world, Nicholson didn't want to go on their US tour. A few months later he was officially “let go”, with a nice pay-off to soften the blow. Since leaving the band, he's played with a few other groups and recently moved into music production.

  7. Suede - Justine Frischmann

    A founder member of Suede with her then-boyfriend Brett Anderson, Justine left the band after falling for Damon Albarn. "Better to be Pete Best than Linda McCartney," she's said since. She formed Elastica and after quitting music altogether, became a painter.

  8. Editors - Chris Urbanowicz

    The ultimate "creative differences" announcement came in 2012 when the band posted on their Facebook page: "In a decision entirely based upon future musical direction, and with huge sadness, Editors and Chris Urbanowicz have parted ways." He's concentrating on producing now.

  9. Pixies - Kim Deal

    The reunited Pixies stayed together a lot longer than many predicted but ultimately it was too good to last. Kim left the band in 2013 and has worked on solo material and new Breeders songs since. She has been permanently replaced in the band by Paz Lenchantin.

  10. R.E.M. - Bill Berry

    One of the most famous rock departures in history saw Bill Berry leaving R.E.M. at the height of their powers... to become a hay farmer. After a serious health scare, nobody stood in his way and all the band members are still pals.