Murph Of The Wombats Almost Had A Road Rage Incident With Colin Farrell!

8 November 2017, 14:57

The frontman has been telling Radio X’s Gordon Smart about a close encounter he had while living in Hollywood…

The Wombats’ frontman Matthew “Murph” Murphy has been telling Radio X about his exciting life in Hollywood… but it’s also been an eye-opener when it’s come to celeb-spotting.

In fact, he almost ended up having a bit of a road rage incident with movie star Colin Farrell.

Gordon Smart was chatting with Murph about his relocation from Liverpool to Los Angeles and his most star studded moments.

Murph revealed: “There was this one time when I was going into a car park and this guy was in this huge massive [Cadillac] Escalade looking thing. 

"The guy was driving in the middle of the road, so I stopped and was like, What the hell are you doing?!"

But Murph had a surprise coming. “He literally wound down the window and had this cap on. It was Colin Farrell, eyeballing me.

“I was like, OK, off you go!”

The Wombats have announced the release of their fourth album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life on 9 February 2018. They've also revealed details of a 2018 UK tour.

Lemon To A Knife Fight is the first cut to come from record, and you can have a listen below.