Vampire Weekend Drummer: I Love Playing To People Who Think We're Shit

Vampire Weekend

Chris Tomson from Vampire Weekend has admitted to Radio X he loves playing to a festival crowd, knowing many might not be big fans of his band.

"The front pocket is generally people that are your fans, or are excited, who are going to pump fists or whatever," the drummer told Radio X's Jo Good backstage at last night's iTunes Festival.

"It is always cool for me in a way to know that a lot of people could fall into any number of categories: don't know who your are, think you're a bit shit, think you're a lot shit.

"It's always kind of fun to play for those people. Maybe you'll change their minds, maybe you'll reinforce their opinions. Who knows?"

The band were the latest headliner at the month long event at London's Roundhouse with fans queueing to pack out the circular venue despite the horrible weather.

"Our bassist Chris Baio just moved here so he's got a lot more of this in store," Chris revealed.

"I think it will be different when we're recording –  if he's flying from here or flying from New York it's kinda all the same."

"Plus we never practice," he whispered.

"We do sometimes, when we have to."

Vampire Weekend iTunes Festival Set List:

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