WATCH: Tom Grennan tries hand at barbing as he cuts brother’s hair

10 May 2020, 13:30 | Updated: 10 May 2020, 13:31

Tom Grennan with an image of his brother's freshly cut hair inset
Tom Grennan has spent his time in lockdown cutting his brother's hair. Picture: 1. Press 2. Instagram/tom.grennan

The Oh Please singer has shown-off his hard work on Instagram after helping to keep his sibling's hair looking tidy.

Tom Grennan has proudly shown off his first ever go at hair cutting.

The This Is The Place singer has been very active on social media during the lockdown, and now he's revealed he's helped his brother keep his hair in check by taking a shaver to his hair.

See his handiwork below, which he captioned: "Just cut my brothers hair. First ever trim and I’m not gunna lie I smashed it!!!!! BACK STAGE CUTS WILL BE HAPPENING 😂 let me know what you think! I’m buzzin ahah".

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Tom Grennan seems to be back on full form after suffering from a suspected case of COVID-19 back in March.

Taking to Instagram, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter revealed: "I've been in bed, laid up. My joints feel like they’ve aged about 50 years. I’ve slept so much.

"I've had a disgustingly bad headache, and today's the only day really I've felt human again."

The Sober singer added: "So really I'm just pleading and telling you and just saying please stay indoors.

"Like, I thought I was a healthy 24-year-old boy, but anyone can get this and it is f***ing serious. I'm just happy to say I'm getting better and it's OK."

Despite Grennan's second studio album not yet given a title or release date, Grennan is sharing new music, with his Oh Please single being a previous Radio X Record of The Week.

Speaking of the track’s inspiration, the 24-year-old artist said: “When writing ‘Oh Please’ I was listening to a lot of Curtis Mayfield, Nas, Kendrick, and of course Amy Winehouse, and I wanted to channel this through the song. The opening transports me back to visiting America, crossing the Brooklyn bridge for the first time and seeing Manhattan. It really hit me at that moment that anything was possible, and I saw things clearer than ever before. I felt euphoric and excited for the future, a chapter closed and a beautiful new beginning ahead. It changed my mindset towards relationships, to focus my energy on learning from them rather than going into a darker, angry place. ‘Oh Please’ is about learning from relationships. It’s about staying strong and making the right decisions with respect and grace.”

Watch the lyric video for Tom Grennan's Oh Please single here:

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