WATCH: Why The Vaccines' Justin Hates This Phone Habit

6 January 2018, 06:00

The frontman told Radio X's Gordon Smart about one of his pet hates, and came up with a decent solution for it.

Justin Young has revealed a hatred for people using their mobile phones, but surprisingly it has nothing do with using the devices during gigs. 

Find out more in our video above.

Asked what drives him mad by Radio X's Gordon Smart, The Vaccines frontman replied: "Phone-walkers. If I was a despot I would implement like a slow or fast lane and then have a phone booth on the side of the street where people could just go and use their phones, because I can't deal with people walking on their phones."

Earlier this week, the band premiered their triumphant new single I Can't Quit.

Listen to it here: 

The track is the first cut to come from their fourth studio album, Combat Sports, which is released on 30 March 2018 and follows their 2015 English Graffiti LP.

Speaking to Radio X's Gordon Smart about the track, he said: "It ended up steering the sound of the record. Despite writing it first, we put it to one side and didn't listen to it for a year and then went off on this big tangent and tried to be a million different bands and got a few different sounds out of our system, and then sort of rediscovered ourselves as a band."

He added: "So it's quite poetic this is the first song people hear."

The rockers also explained how their worst gig ever was like playing a super sweet sixteen.

Find out why here: