WATCH: Why The Killers Won't Stop Playing Shadowplay Live...

21 September 2017, 15:53 | Updated: 21 September 2017, 18:19

Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci have discussed the "divisiveness" of their Joy Division cover at live shows, and vowed to keep playing it anyway.

The Killers have vowed to keep playing their Joy Division cover at their live shows, despite the fact some of their fans don't like it.

Watch Brandon Flowers discuss the track above.

The Las Vegas rockers have made Shadowplay a staple of their setlist ever since their version featured on Ian Curtis biopic, Control. 

But. when a fan told them to keep playing the track in "every concert" during a Twitter Q&A, the frontman mused: "Yeah, I've noticed that there's some kind of divisiveness - is that a word, divisiveness? - about Shadowplay.

"We kind of own that song now, and if we wanna play it, we're gonna play it".

He continued: "Last night we played it and this girl just stared me down the entire time and was obviously upset that we were playing it.

"It's like, if you don't like it, just get out. Don't look at me like that."

The pair also shared some of their favourite bands and tracks, with Brandon Flowers citing It's Gonna Be Me as his favourite David Bowie song.

Asked by a fan what bands they liked when they were growing up, they cited the likes of The Cars, The Smiths, Oingo Boingo, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Cure, The Police, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, XTC and The Dead Kennedys.

Meanwhile, Brandon Flowers has recalled the time he "made an ass" of himself in front of Morrissey, and revealed how he hopes he made up for it with a chance meeting years later. 

“I hung out with Morrissey at this hotel,” Flowers told Yahoo Music. “I came in one night at around 11 and everything was kind of shut down, but there was this one little light in the restaurant. And I grew up just idolizing him. I instantly got excited, obviously, and I ended up getting the courage to introduce myself and stay for a few hours out there with the Moz. 

"It was an incredible experience. I was his busboy when I was 18 at Spago in Vegas — served him a mushroom pizza and Earl Grey tea, and I totally made an ass of myself (by saying) ‘Mushrooms are really cool.’"

The Run For Cover singer concluded: "So I don’t know that I redeemed myself completely with this experience with him, but I tried.”

Meanwhile, The Killers are preparing to release their fifth studio album, Wonderful Wonderful, this Friday (22 September).

So far they've released The Man and Run For Cover from the new album, and played new track, The Calling-which they debuted at their O2 Academy Brixton gig.

On the night, they had a little help from Hollywood A-Lister Woody Harrelson, who read a Bible verse ahead of the their performance.

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