WATCH: This Is Brandon Flowers' Favourite Killers Song...

8 July 2017, 06:00 | Updated: 10 July 2017, 09:19

And no, it's not Mr. Brightside.

Brandon Flowers revealed his favourite Killers song is Read My Mind.

Watch the video here.

The Killers frontman rates the single from 2006's Sam's Town the most because he believes the entire "room changes” as soon as the song plays.

Speaking in a Facebook Live Q&A last month, the 35-year-old rocker said: “My favourite song, I’ve not been shy about, is Read My Mind. It doesn’t matter if we’re in a bar or an arena or a stadium or a festival or to 50 people, when Read My Mind starts, the room changes.”

He added: “I guess it’s strange to have reverence for something that you had a part in creating but I guess I’m just thankful for that song.”

Speaking to Radio X's Gordon Smart, the When You Were Young singer revealed that their new The Man single is about him when The Killers started out.

"I think when we first started I felt like I was god’s gift," he revealed. "That just slowly got chipped away over the years."

He added: “It was nice to go back and inhabit that person, and I think I really had to do that to figure out why I am who I am now." 

Meanwhile, the Las Vegas rocker also played a secret set at

Radio X were hardly that surprised when the Las Vegas rockers turned up at the John Peel stage, since he wasn't very convincing when asked about it by Radio X's Gordon Smart.

Watch him below: