The Killers Confirm Christmas Collaboration With Dawes

8 November 2013, 14:10 | Updated: 8 November 2013, 14:51

The Killers

Brandon Flowers has told Radio X we can expect their usual festival offering - their eighth in a row - and this time it is a collaboration.

"We've still got something else for you," the frontman told Radio X's John Kennedy, when asked if they would be continuing their tradition despite the release of 'best of' album Direct Hits next week.

"It's called Christmas in LA and we did it with a band called Dawes."

"Taylor the singer is just a great writer," Brandon explained when asked about the collaboration. "It was really fun.

"I started the song out and left gaps where I either just didn't have anything or wanted him to fill it in and it was just beautiful to see how quickly he adapted and was able to bring it to LA too. It was great."

Brandon and Ronnie from the band were talking Radio X through Direct Hits track by track ahead of its release on Monday.

The Album Playback included the first ever radio play of new song Just Another Girl, which was produced by Brit Stuart Price.

"Recording with Stuart has just become second nature," Brandon said. "If there was a fifth member of The Killers it would be Stuart, we love him like a brother and it's really easy to work with him.

"It's really exciting to be able to make a demo: be 2,000, 4,000 miles away from someone, send it to him and wake up the next morning and they've put their two cents in. It's fun to work like that, it's exciting. It's like Christmas."