Brandon Flowers "Regrets" Attitude When The Killers Started

12 July 2017, 10:00 | Updated: 12 July 2017, 17:45

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The Mr. Brightside singer revealed that a "chunk" of the band's forthcoming Wonderful Wonderful album is "making peace" with his previous arrogance.

Brandon Flowers "regrets" his attitude when he first found fame.

The Killers frontman - who has previously admitted he was "arrogant" in the early days of success - revealed the group's latest single The Man is about himself when the band first started out and he wasn't giving people an "honest representation" of himself. 

He told NME: "Around about the time that The Killers started I guess, - that's where The Man harkens back to, and years after as well."

He added: "I can live with it, you know. It was nice to sort of go in and inhabit that character, and that figure, and that version of myself for much longer."

Watch Brandon Flowers discuss The Man single and its artwork with Radio X's Gordon Smart:

The Smile Like You Mean it singer continued: "I think a good chunk of [the new] album is making peace with that. I've been cleaning it up for a long time. I don't think that was really a great representation, an honest representation of who I am. It came from a place of insecurity and I would just puff my chest out and say things and put a lot of negativity out there. I basically came to regret that and I'm sure a lot of people can identify with that."

The 36-year-old rocker also admitted he wasn't "very happy" with the group's most recent LP, 2012's Battle Born, because he felt it was "aimless" but he's confident their upcoming album 'Wonderful Wonderful' is a much better record.

He revealed: "We were searching. You're not always gonna find it, I mean we're always trying, but you're not always gonna touch what you're reaching for and we didn't quite get there - I don't feel like.

"I don't mean to take anything away from it, you know there are songs on it that I love, but just as a whole I wasn't very happy with it.

"This record ['Wonderful Wonderful'] is just different. There's a direction, and I think we got there. I hope that people recognise that and feel that. We still have two and a half months until it's out."

Brandon Flowers may be critical of Battle Born, but there's no way he can be hard on himself about the band's recent live dates.

The Killers' secret gig at Glastobnury 2017 saw them play the John Peel stage, delighting fans with several of their biggest hits.

Watch them perform All These Things I've Done here:

See them end the set with Mr. Brightside:

Their trip to Somerset was followed by a show-stopping performance at Hyde Park's British Summer Time, which marked their first gig in London for four years.

Watch them perform Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine:

See them play Human:

See the crowd chanting "I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier," during All These Things That I've Done:

Taking time to enjoy the moment, Brandon Flowers cued a picture of every British Summer Time headliner this year, showing their date as the only one to have a "SOLD OUT" stamp on it. 


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Their penultimate track came in the form of Sam's Town classic, When You Were Young, which you can watch a snippet of below:

Unsurprisingly, their biggest anthem came at the end of the night, leading to a glorious singalong of their Mr. Brightside hit.

See it here:

Going out in style, the outfit brought some Las Vegas glitz to the London gig, which was the fastest-selling show since The Rolling Stones' in 2013, ending their set with a huge fireworks display. 

Watch it here: