The Killers' Brandon Flowers opens up about 2009 tour allegations

21 August 2020, 11:18 | Updated: 21 August 2020, 11:39

The Killers Brandon Flowers in Las Vegas in 2017
The Killers Brandon Flowers in Las Vegas in 2017. Picture: Denise Truscello/WireImage

The Killers frontman has talked about the allegations against the band's touring crew, which were found to have "no corroboration".

Brandon Flowers has spoken out about the allegations which emerged against The Killers' 2009 touring crew and shared his "relief" that the woman was unharmed.

The Mr. Brightside rockers hit the headlines back in July when a sound engineer who once worked with the band wrote about working as a temporary member of the crew at their gig in Milwaukee during their Day & Age Tour.

The engineer - who went by the name Chez Cherrie - alleged that she overheard men talking about taking turns sexually assaulting a woman while she was passed out in a dressing room.

At the time, The Killers via their legal team shared their "shock and horror" at the allegations and promised to conduct a full internal investigation, after which they found there was "no corroboration" to the claims.

“I feel relieved that we were actually able to get to the bottom of it, actually find this woman and make sure that she was OK," Flowers told NME about the incident.

He added: "The most important thing is that there was no assault. That’s just nothing but relief. From what we see backstage, the people we hire and the people in the band, we’ve never witnessed anything like that happen. If something like that did happen, we would want to know."

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None of the band were implicated in the assault, but the Las Vegas rocker has talked about the affect the allegations may have had on their reputation.

"It sucks because as soon as you are brought into that conversation, some people are just going to believe that is you and paint you with that brush forever," he reflected. "If I could sit down with everybody or let them be a fly on the wall – let them see what your life is like and how you behave and show them that that’s not you… There’s not much we can do about that. I guess I could do that – try and track down all the naysayers and let them follow me around? I don’t know what you do."

However, the Human star also reflected on the positive learnings they have taken from the allegations, and how musicians and music crews should deal with situations going forward.

"That could be the more positive thing that’s come from it – to actually put our heads together and figure out something we can do so that if anyone ever does feel uncomfortable, female or male, there’s a number they can call so they don’t have to let it fester and carry it with them for so long like this woman on the crew did," mused the 39-year-old rocker.

He concluded: "Times are changing a lot. If you see anything that’s just supposed to be a joke, you should be able to call it out. Don’t let anything inappropriate slide in any way. We want our female fans to know and our female crew to know that there’s no tolerance for this. We have a lot of female fans and we’re indebted to them. We don’t want anyone to feel unsafe."

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