WATCH: Liam Fray Used To Be A Ball Boy For Man United

6 August 2017, 11:08 | Updated: 10 August 2017, 13:19

Liam Fray talks being a ball boy with Peter Crouch

The Courteeners frontman spoke to Peter Crouch about his beloved United, and recalled the first ever match he attended.

Liam Fray has talked about his experience as a ball boy for Man United.

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Speaking to Peter Crouch, The Courteeners frontman mused: "They used to say you had to be good at football (to be a ball boy), so god knows why I got picked!

"One of the chief scouts for United was a teacher at our school , so I think he picked me based on... well I don't know what it was based on, but thanks for that."

The Manchester rocker also reminisced about the first ever match that he went to when he was seven in 1993, which saw Man United play QPR. 

Talking about the unforgettable experience, he gushed: "Just to see that many people, and all of them rooting for the same thing. It was just a mega experience isn't it, your first game? As a kid, it stays with you forever I think."

Fray also discussed his sold-out acoustic tour, and has told fans it will be "relaxed".

Watch him talk about the tour below:

Talking to Peter Coruch about his options after being on the road with the Courteeners, he joked: "What do you do? Do you paint the dining room or do you go on holiday for three months or whatever?"

He added: "It's just an opportunity I guess to play some of the lesser-known tracks and some of the the B-sides. It's dead relaxed, like. 

"And you know what I'm like. Don't be coming expecting anything even remotely professional, but it's just a laugh really. 

"It's kind of relaxed and I can mess around with the setlist every night."


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