WATCH: Liam Fray Reads Stirring Manchester Poem At Halifax Gig

24 May 2017, 08:45 | Updated: 25 May 2017, 09:34

The Courteeners frontman read the ode as a tribute to those affected by the Manchester attack.

The Courteeners' Liam Fray read an emotional ode to Manchester where the band were playing in Halifax last night (May 23rd). The poem, written by Ryan Williams, went viral yesterday in the wake of the atrocities in Manchester.

Taking to the stage, Fray said: "It would be so kind to get your attention for a couple of minutes, so I can say a few words about Manchester. 

"These words aren't mine, by the way, a friend passed them onto me, but they felt really pertinent and they mean a lot."

Watch the video, shot by yvettemcx on instagram, above.

You can read the words to the full poem below.

"A grey Tuesday morning, 'neath Lancastrian skies
We wake once again to wipe tears from our eyes.
Forced to wear robes of weakness and pity,
As cowards attack the very heart of our city.

Like always we'll comfort and hold one another,
A Mancunian family of sisters and brothers.
For a time our strut is reduced to a stagger,
But make no mistake, we'll rekindle our swagger.

We'll learn how to live with another deep scar.
If you think you can beat us, you don't know who we are!

We're Collyhurst, Ancoats, Moston and Sale.
We're Oldham and Bury; Ashton; Rochdale.

We're Pankhurts and Turing, the Gallagher Brothers,
We're Morrissey, Marr and a million others!

We're a city of workers, a city of shirkers.
A city of tracksuits, and bibles and burkas.

Vegetarian, Rastafarian, Athiest, Jew.

100 red! 100% blue.

We're each of us different but never alone.
In the Cosmopolitopia we get to call 'home'.

So, come at us again, and again if you must. 
Time after time we'll rise from the dust.
You'll never prevail - not against us...

This is Manchester, our Manchester,
And the bees still buzz!"

Liam Fray also revealed yesterday that Courteeners' huge show at Manchester's Emirates Old Trafford - also known as the Lancashire County Cricket Club will still go ahead, despite security concerns. 

In a statement, Fray said: "This will hurt. For a long time. But as you walk around town today try not to bow your head. Look up at the skies. We’ll see you on Saturday. X"

Concert Promotor SJM, as well as the Lancashire County Cricket Club, have also pleaded with fans to not bring pyrotechnics or flares into the show. 

"Given that nerves will be heightened on Saturday please do not bring any form of pyro to this gig," they urged. Love and respect your fellow audience members, the stewards and the police, many of who worked through the night after Monday's concert."

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