WATCH: John Squire’s 5 Best Riffs

24 November 2017, 11:19 | Updated: 24 November 2017, 15:33

John Squire 2017

Let’s wish Happy Birthday to the Stone Roses guitarist by notching up his greatest ever guitar moments. Is yours on here?

1. Waterfall

The bright intro to this Stone Roses debut album track is a surefire indie classic. It’s the perfect complement to Ian Brown’s sing-song voice.


2. Fool’s Gold 

Pure Squire: clocking in at just under ten minutes, this is a wah-wah filled wig out that took the Roses beyond their genre as indie stars. 


3. Made Of Stone 

The chiming intro is unmistakable, kicking off one of the Roses’s most wistful and intense singles. The solo isn’t bad either. 


4. Love Spreads 

The first thing you heard when the Roses came back after their five year hiatus was this brilliant, grungy, Zeppelin-inspired riff. The game had changed!


5. Love Is The Law 

Let’s not forget this amazing tune, from Squire’s side-project, The Seahorses, released in 1997 after the Roses called it a day the first time. Pure guitar genius.