VIDEO: When The Stone Roses dedicated a song to David Beckham...

2 May 2019, 11:45 | Updated: 2 May 2019, 13:07

Celebrate the football legend's birthday and the 30th anniversary of The Stone Roses debut by looking back at this throwback clip from 2016.

David Beckham celebrates his 44th birthday today, while today marks a whopping 30 years since The Stone Roses released their iconic debut on 2 May 1989.

Both are associated with the city of Manchester and both are legends in their own right. But in 2016 their worlds collided when the former Man Utd player went to see the Roses play an epic homecoming show at Etihad Stadium.

The date was the 15 June 2016, and despite being at his old football rival's home turf, Beckham was absolutely ecstatic to attend the gig with his son Brooklyn.

But things went up a notch when just before they played their penultimate song, This Is The One, Ian Brown shouted: "This one's dedicated to Mr Beckham!"

Watch the video shared by Becks the night after, which he captioned: "Wow I have no words.... Unbelievable night on Manchester with the boys".

If you listen right to the end of the clip, you can even hear his son Brooklyn say: "That's me as well," and to be honest, we'd probably accept it on our dad's behalf too.

See the former footballer with his eldest son at the gig, below, and check out Noel Gallagher's daughter Anaïs in the bottom left hand corner of the snap.

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Becks is clearly quite good mates with The Stone Roses, and earlier this year revealed his collaboration with Kurt & Curwen and the band.

Watch the British heritage men's fashion label and the Fools Gold rockers' capsule collection below:

The video's description reads: "Kent & Curwen Creative Director, Daniel Kearns grew up listening to The Stone Roses, for him they are a band that established the look and the sound of the 90’s.

"The music and artwork created by The Stone Roses now forms the inspiration for the Kent & Curwen Spring/Summer 2019 collection which celebrates the feeling of British summertime, iconic British music and British culture."

Watch David Beckham get pranked with a fake statue by James Corden here: