The Tears, The Tantrums, The Lemons: The Best Reactions To The Stone Roses Ticket Sale

6 November 2015, 13:12 | Updated: 11 November 2015, 11:52

Stone Roses tweet

Some fans went to extreme lengths to get a ticket to the Manchester band's gigs at Etihad stadium.

The Stone Roses kicked off the sale of their two dates at Etihad Stadium this Friday (6 November), sending their fans into a complete frenzy. 

Friday and Saturday dates sold out in under an hour, but the Fool's Gold band kept us guessing, adding a third and FOURTH date at Manchester City's home ground.

See all the tears, tantrums and lemons as fans shared their reactions online:

A fan used their band tee for good luck:


While a teacher stopped a lesson to buy tickets to "save his marriage".



Since he didn't get tickets, it's not totally clear yet whether said marriage has been saved. This one seems to be ticking along well though:



This guy felt as lucky as Charlie when he got his golden ticket...


When tickets to the first two dates sold out, the touts came out in full force.



But fans weren't too impressed by them hiking up the prices...


In fact, it left a pretty bitter taste in their mouths. 



Then Karma came back to bite them.



People were still up for a swap though.



This old-school follower pretty much just used it as an opportunity to gloat.



While another insulted younger fans.



This punter used the medium of emojis to share their joy...


Whereas this guy went to great lengths to explain why he wouldn't be getting them at all...


It didn't stop people getting a ticket though.... and telling us exactly how mashed up they were going to get on the night! 

Twitter user Mason Cartwright's reaction video speaks for itself...