Ian Brown shares anti-lockdown song Little Seed Big Tree amid coronavirus comments

19 September 2020, 10:30

Ian Brown in 2018
Ian Brown has released Little Seed Big Tree, which questions COVID-19 measures. Picture: Press

The Stone Roses rocker has shared Little Seed Big Tree after previously receiving a backlash over his anti-mask and anti-vaccine comments.

Ian Brown has written and released a song entitled Little Seed Big Tree questioning COVID-19 measures.

The Stone Roses singer has hit the headlines a lot recently for his anti-lockdown and anti-mask sentiments, but now has gone one further by creating a song.

The lyrics to Little Seed Big Tree include the lines: "A sonic lockdown in your home town/A sonic lockdown, can you feel me now? / A sonic lockdown, state shakedown, a mass breakdown / Put your muzzle on, get back in your basket / Get behind your doors cos living here is drastic."

Listen to the track here:

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The song has provided some interesting results already, with one follower writing: "Ian you are GODLIKE but this is cack mate x".

One fan wrote in his defence: "Tin foil hat brigade. That old chestnut. Set the truth free and it will defend itself. I was at Spike Island and I love the fact Ian is standing on the right side of history."

However, one follower suggested that Ian Brown had shared a song as a challenge to Jedward, who have been confronting famous stars with anti-mask sentiments.

They wrote: ""Is this a send for @planetjedward

"Awaiting your reply track fellas!?"

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Ian Brown's song comes after he's made a flurry of controversial statements online, which began with the tweet: "NO LOCKDOWN NO TESTS NO TRACKS NO MASKS NO VAX ".

Soon after the Fools Gold singer defended his words and even threw tech entrepreneur and philanthropist Bill Gates into the mix.

He also shared more anti-vaccine sentiments this week, writing: "YOU WONT BE PEPPER SPRAYIN MY KIDS OR SHOOTIN YOUR POISON INTO THEIR BODIES".

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It seems like Ian Brown may be in good company with Noel Gallagher, who recently admitted he refuses to wear masks.

Speaking on the Matt Morgan podcast, the former Oasis man said: "Listen to me.. it's not a law. There's too many f**king liberties being taken away from us now. I've been in shops today. [They said], You have to wear a mask. Says who?"

Morgan countered Gallagher's claims by saying: "What's good about the mask is, if someone's coughing next to you with Coronavirus, the mask is gonna lessen the dose you get, So if you breathe in a lot of it, your immune system, no matter how healthy you are, might be overwhelmed by it."

Gallagher went on: "I choose not to wear one. If I get the virus, it's on me. If every other c**t's gonna wear a mask, I'm not gonna catch it off them. And if I've got it, they're not gonna catch it off me. I just think it's a piss take."

However, Manchester musician that probably won't be following their lead, is fellow former Oasis guitarist Paul 'Bonehead Arthurs.

Taking to Instagram, the rocker let a picture do the talking by sharing a stock image of someone wearing a disposable mask.

As detailed on gov.uk, the Government stance on wearing masks in shops and public transport is that: "The police can take measures if members of the public do not comply with this law without a valid exemption and transport operators can deny access to their public transport services if a passenger is not wearing a face covering, or direct them to wear one or leave a service.

"If necessary, the police and Transport for London (TfL) officers have enforcement powers including issuing fines of £100 (halving to £50 if paid within 14 days for the first offence).

Further fines will be handed out to repeat offenders up to a value of £3,200.

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