Kelly Jones reveals Stereophonics' single was inspired by gay daughter's coming out story

28 October 2019, 12:16 | Updated: 28 October 2019, 18:04

The Stereophonics frontman says Fly Like An Eagle and its accompanying video was inspired by daughter Bootsy's personal out story.

Kelly Jones has revealed a Stereophonics track was inspired by his daughter coming out as a lesbian.

The Welsh rockets released their Kind album last Friday (25 October), and their frontman revealed how its lead track Fly Like An Eagle was inspired by his eldest child.

Watch Jones talk to Radio X about their Kind album above.

Speaking to The Sun about his daughter Lolita Bootsy Jones' journey, which inspired the track and its accompanying video, the rocker revealed: "It was inspired by my and Bootsy’s story. I wrote a treatment and showed it to Bootsy, who is gay, and asked, ‘Is this accurate to what you were experiencing?’ Boots said it was."

Watch the moving Charlotte Regan-directed video for Fly Like An Eagle here:

The Welsh rocker added: "It’s a powerful video which had to be done right.  Bootsy coming out was a big thing for her and a big thing for us, her family — and all the band were behind it.

"She’s cool and she’s happy. She’s got a girlfriend, goes to school wearing trousers and has cut her hair.

"I’m pleased she told me about it first, as we’ve got an open relationship. We talk a lot."

Speaking about how he asked his daughter about the news, he told the outlet: "I can tell when my kid is a bit anxious about something and, in the end, I just asked outright.  It’s not like when I was a kid living in Wales, it was harder.

"People have gone through their whole lives hiding their true sexuality. Not with Bootsy.  I’m glad we live in different times now. Teenagers finding their identity is a bit punk-rock.

Watch Kelly Jones sing Chaos From The Top Down:

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