WATCH: Why Scottish Crowds Distract Stereophonics On Stage...

30 August 2017, 17:28 | Updated: 30 August 2017, 17:52

Stereophonics press image 2017

The All In One Night rockers told Radio X's Gordon Smart about the craziest things they've seen while performing.

Stereophonics have shared the most out-there things they've witnessed while playing live, and it involves nudity.

Asked by Gordon Smart ahead of their headline set at Victorious Festival on Saturday (26 September) whether they've ever been thrown off their stride by something they've witnessed on stage, frontman Kelly Jones revealed: "Yeah, usually in Scotland either in the SEC or the Hydro. 

"There's always a woman revealing herself in the venues, which doesn't usually throw me off my stride," he joked. "It just takes me to a different place for a few seconds"

Watch the C'est La Vie singer explain all in our video:

The band also revealed how they deal with gig fails and things going wrong on stage, which you may have witnessed for yourself if you've seen them live recently. 

According to the band, a LOT can go wrong during their live gigs. However, when it does, the Welsh frontman just breaks out a medley of classic rock tracks.

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Watch the Stereophonics frontman play AC/DC's Highway To Hell at Victorious 2017:

Watch their full interview with Gordon below: