Smashing Pumpkins: "Pop Is The Enemy"

5 December 2014, 07:59 | Updated: 11 December 2014, 16:40

Billy Corgan 2014

Billy Corgan tells Radio X that a guitar revolution is coming soon and urges young bands to "destroy things".

Billy Corgan has issues some fighting words for British rock groups like Royal Blood - the time has come for guitar bands to "destroy" pop music.

The Pumpkins frontman was in the Radio X studio to play an exclusive session that you can hear at 7pm on Monday 8 December during Radio X's Evening Show with Danielle Perry.

And he used it as an opportunity to tell us the world was ready for a rock takeover.

"People have just had enough of the processed pop thing," he told Radio X's Sunta Templeton. "You see too many alternative rock people in cosy bed with pop.

"Pop music pretends it's dangerous but it's so calculated. Real danger is Kurt Cobain with a guitar, Jimi Hendrix with a guitar, Neil Young with a guitar."

And it's clear that the alt rock icon has no time for modern pop artists.

"They are the enemy. They are dominating the charts in a way that's kind of gross.

"You don't even know who's singing. This is like something right out of Clockwork Orange, I feel like I'm living a Clockwork Orange pop moment," he joked.

Part of the wave of world-conquering alternative bands that included Nirvana and Pixies, Corgan urged rock fans to keep the faith.

"At the end of the day it's guitar music that really sort of signals the revolution and the best music tends to be around guitar at the end of the day, in terms of getting people to show up in soccer stadiums and stuff like that.

"So when I see young bands coming forward with guitars and I see people rallying behind them, that tells me it's going to be a big thing. I think we're going to have a good four or five year run of guitars again.

"Hopefully a whole new generation of kids is going to come forward to destroy things. That's why rock and roll is supposed to be there"

"When rock and roll gets safe and it becomes about getting on the charts and making everybody happy, that makes me really uncomfortable."

The Smashing Pumpkins play a sold out show at London's Koko tonight (Friday 5 December).

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