WATCH: When John Lydon Appeared On Judge Judy...

28 May 2017, 16:46

Johnny Rotten on Judge Judy clip

This throwback clip from 1997 has to be seen to be believed.

When the Sex Pistols made their anarchic debut 40 years ago, very few would have EVER imagined their frontman Johnny Rotten would end up flogging butter.

But if we told them that that the punk legend would also go on to appear on a daytime reality TV show in the form Judge Judy - it would have probably blown their tiny minds. 

Watch the clip here, which sees Lydon defend himself against a drummer back in 1997: 

For those who don't know who or what Judge Judy is, it's a small claims court helmed by real-life judge and all-round total boss Judy Sheindlin.

Drummer Robert Williams, who toured with Lydon around the States in support of his 1997 solo album Pyscho's Path, was suing the punk man $5,000 for "breach of contract and assault and battery". 

Ever the anarchist, Lydon tried to give Judge Judy a bit of lip, and naturally she wasn't having any of it.

Despite getting a ticking off by the famous judge, the punk rocker was completely vindicated, as she completely dismissed Williams' lawsuit. 

Credit: YouTube/Torretjie1/Judge Judy