Royal Blood Have Started "Writing A Few Bits" For New Album

22 February 2018, 11:39 | Updated: 22 February 2018, 13:35

Royal Blood press shot 2017

The Figure It Out rockers have teased that they're in the early stages of their third studio LP.

Royal Blood have "written a few bits" of their next album.

The Figure It Out rockers have teased their third studio album is in the works, though their fans shouldn't expect a new album anytime soon.

Speaking to NME at the BRIT Awards: "We've thought about it. We're pretty busy at the moment. We've started writing a few bits, but we're kind of still in the thrust of touring. Until that comes to a close, we won't be embarking on much as of yet.

"We're still living and breathing the one that's out at the moment."

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Royal Blood recently hit the road with Queens of the Stone Age and admitted they have become a "much better band" thanks to the 'No One Knows' hitmakers.

They added: "It was sobering, in a way. They really looked after us, actually. We just hung out a lot. We went for dinner all the time together, and they're just really nice people.

"We got to watch them play every night, and I feel like we've become a much better band because of it."

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