Richard Ashcroft shares new merchandise on 49th birthday

11 September 2020, 14:01

Richard Ashcroft shares new T-shirt designs on his 49th birthday
Richard Ashcroft has shared new T-shirt designs on his 49th birthday. Picture: 1. Twitter/Richard Ashcroft 2. Jon Mo Photography

The Song For The Lovers singer has shared some brand spanking new merchandise with his fans on Twitter.

Richard Ashcroft has released new merchandise on his 49th birthday.

The former Verve frontman took to social media this Friday (11 September) to share the new designs which feature on his store.

The designs of the t-shirts include images of the Wigan rocker himself, alongside tees, which brandish the titles and lyrics of some of his most famous works songs.

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Meanwhile, Ashcroft exclusively told Radio X that he was planning on releasing an acoustic album on his greatest hits.

Asked by George Godfrey if he had any plans in the works, Ashcroft replied: "Yeah, at the moment I'm set to start on an acoustic set of some of the best tunes [...] and stripping them back and laying them bare basically, so that will be my next thing. I'm excited about that."

The Drugs Don't Work singer added: "I'll be recording, I'm carrying on, moving on. So that will be my next record and from there when that comes out, that mythical night in my mind will take place."

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However, when it comes to playing live again, the Northern Soul reckons he can't wait until things return to normal as the lack of live gigs is affecting mental health.

He mused: "You underestimate the power of music and if you take away that communal thing for too long, that’s a lot of energy built up.

“Because I’ve seen a lot of people crying at my gigs. Grown men. Crying and letting off steam and it’s a good thing.”

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