Radiohead Tickets Sell Out In An Hour, Fans React Hilariously Over It

18 March 2016, 11:06 | Updated: 18 March 2016, 17:00


Fans took to Twitter to share the highs and lows of the ticket buying process!

When Radiohead announced they'd be playing shows at London's Roundhouse last week - their first UK dates in four years - we knew there'd be a huge rush for tickets.

Naturally, as soon as the lines opened at 9am this morning, people took to twitter to celebrate and share their grief at being stuck in the queue.

Roundhouse took to Twitter at 10:20 to announce there was an "unprecedented demand" for the tickets, leaving us all weeping into our Weetabix:

While some were left High And Dry, others had No Surprises, and the rest were Climbing Up The Walls.

See some of the best reactions to the drama below: 

This user compared the ticket sales it to Glastonbury pain:

Dave Chase graciously accepted his fate.

This poor guy just did the maths...

This guy thought he'd make a joke by dissing the band, until he admitted that he JUST WANTS TICKETS like everyone else.

This fan turned to Radiohead's music for solace.

Chris Applegate used their famous Just video to represent his grief:

The stress of the queue led this fan to experience an existential crisis:

And this guy possibly took it a little too far...

But for those rushing to blame the touts, it seems it was just good ol' popularity that saw such a demand, with The Roundhouse taking every precaution to stop the tickets being unfairly snapped up.

Ahead of the sale, they wrote on their website that there would be "special arrangements" for the event with only 2 tickets for sale per person and each ticket printed with the lead booker's name, who would have to provide photo ID.

So there you have it! 


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