"Sounds Like Kung Fu Panda." This 8-Year-Old's Review Of Radiohead's Album Is Amazing

9 May 2016, 18:10 | Updated: 10 May 2016, 09:09

Radiohead press image with 8-year-old review

This is the best track-by-track review of A Moon Shaped Pool you'll read today.

Radiohead unleashed their brand new album, A Moon Shaped Pool, yesterday and the reviews have already rolled in. 

But none are as good as this one: Beth Gordon got her 8-year-old to write a track-by-track review of the band's latest release, and some of their responses are classic.

The outspoken kid refers to opening track, Burn The Witch, as "festival-like," while moaning that Daydreaming is a "long song (and) kind of boring".

We rather liked it...

Most interestingly, however, is the fact they compared Track 5, Ful Stop, to "boxing" and Track 8, The Numbers, to "Kung Fu Panda". 

See his full review below: 

Despite some of the mixed responses to the album, the clever clogs gave it a strong 7/10 - and it looks like most music fans agreed.

The album has already hit No.1 in the iTunes charts, knocking Beyonce's Lemonade off the top spot. 

Not bad for an album that has a song which "could make people cry", eh?.

See the tracklisting and match it to the 8-year-old's epic review:

1. Burn the Witch
2. Daydreaming
3. Decks Dark
4. Desert Island Disk
5. Ful Stop
6. Glass Eyes
7. Identikit
8. The Numbers
9. Present Tense
10. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief
11. True Love Waits

Picture: Press, Twitter/ Beth Gordon