Elton John: Queens Of The Stone Age Were Missing An Actual Queen

17 April 2013, 18:44 | Updated: 6 August 2013, 16:50

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Josh Homme has told Radio X more about Elton John's appearance on the forthcoming Queens Of The Stone Age album.

The superstar is set to appear on the new LP …Like Clockwork, which is due in June and appears on the track Fairweather Friends.

Homme told Radio X how Elton got in touch with the frontman. "He was in a car listening to Them Crooked Vultures and his assistant said: you need to hear Queens. The guy driving the car was an old room-mate of mine! So all of a sudden I get a phone call at my house on a Sunday. I picked up and he said: [does the voice] 'Hello Josh, this is Elton'. I thought someone was messing with me. 

"He said, 'The only thing missing from your band is an actual queen!' I said, Honey, you have no idea."

"When he walked in, he said, do you have a ballad for me or what? I said no. We tracked lived for three hours, playing a rock and roll song. We just had a blast, he became part of our band. What really dawned on me what a music lover, what a workaholic he is. 

"The session had gotten really dark. When he left, we were on cloud nine. We got fired into the abyss of doing something we really loved again."

Of the record, Homme says: "I love to surprise people, I love to musically hang em upside down by their ankles and wring em out like a wet towel, you know what I mean? That's my goal. Mystery and surprise. I want to do that to people, because I want people to do that to me."

You can hear the full interview below.