Queen REALLY Don't Want Donald Trump To Use Their We Are The Champions Song...

20 July 2016, 14:21 | Updated: 20 July 2016, 14:27

Queen's Freddie Mercury performing at Live Aid in

The British band have released an official statement about the use of their 1977 track by Donald Trump and the Republican Party campaign.

Queen have released a statement venting their frustrations at Donald Trump and the Republican Party for using their We Are The Champions song.

Yesterday - after hearing their 1977 track being played at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio - the surviving band members posted a note on Twitter assuring their fans it was "unauthorised".

Now, according to Rolling Stone, the band have released an official statement, which reads: “Sony/ATV Music Publishing has never been asked by Mr. Trump, the Trump campaign or the Trump Organization for permission to use ‘We Are The Champions’. On behalf of the band, we are frustrated by the repeated unauthorized use of the song after a previous request to desist, which has obviously been ignored by Mr. Trump and his campaign.” 

The statement continued: “Queen do not want their music associated with any mainstream or political debate in any country. Nor do Queen want ‘We Are The Champions’ to be used as an endorsement of Mr. Trump and the political views of the Republican Party. We trust, hope and expect that Mr. Trump and his campaign will respect these wishes moving forward.”

See the moment Donald Trump walked out to the track this week: 

Watch the late Freddie Mercury perform the song below: 

Queen's anthem isn't the only unexpected track to be heard at the convention this week, with the house band playing a rendition of David Bowie's Station To Station - which references cocaine use - at the political event.

See them in action, courtesy of c-span.org, below: 

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