Nurse Who Inspired Pulp's Disco 2000 Dies

2 January 2015, 14:32

Jarvis Cocker Pulp

Deborah Bone was childhood friends with Jarvis Cocker and had just won an MBE for her work in mental health.

Deborah Bone has died aged 51, after an incredible life that saw her inspire one of the biggest hits of the 1990s and win an MBE just hours before she passed away.

The nurse was childhood friends with Pulp's lead singer Jarvis Cocker, who wrote the song's famous lyrics about her years later:

“Well we were born within an hour of each other
Our mothers said we could be sister and brother
Your name was Deborah, Deborah
It never suited ya.”

It's reported that Jarvis even sang the song to Deborah at her 50th birthday.

After moving away from Sheffield, Bone became a mental health nurse and set up a pioneering charity Step2Health. Remarkably, she was awarded an MBE just hours after she passed away in hospital, although she knew about the honour before dying.