WATCH: 19 Year Old Paul Weller Considers His Future

28 August 2017, 18:58

See the leader of The Jam discuss what “the kids” will think of his music in later decades.

It’s 40 years since Paul Weller exploded onto the scene - the first Jam album, In The City, was released on 20 May 1977.

Now, four decades later, he’s released his thirteenth solo album, A Kind Revolution.

But let’s wind the clock back to the very start of The Modfather’s career, 1977. Having released their debut that Spring, the follow-up, This Is The Modern World, was hot on its heels that November.

Before that, the trio went on their first US tour in October, and while in the country, young Weller went on Tom Snyder’s TV chat show to talk about this “new wave” music that was getting the youth riled up.

He asked the Jam frontman: “The day will come when you become enormously successful… But won’t you have become part of the establishment? Won’t there be someone coming up on your heels?”

Resplendent in a canary-yellow jacket, the future Modfather agreed. “Hopefully, yeah. There’s got to be something else to take your place, otherwise things get stale, which is what’s happened in the past seven years.”

He went on: “In ten year’s time, or whatever, some eighteen year old kid is going to pick up a guitar and say, I don’t like The Jam. They’re establishment. And do his own thing. That’s the evolution of music.

Ten years later, Weller was in The Style Council and The Jam were a dim and distant memory, but the kids who’d grown up with their music were starting their own bands. They were ready for Britpop!