WATCH: Aussie Estate Agent Sings Oasis Classic To Sell House

29 November 2017, 16:45 | Updated: 29 November 2017, 16:50

The employee used his initiative and adapted the words to one of the Manchester band's biggest singles.

Estate Agents aren't known for having the best reputation, but you could never accuse them of not thinking on their feet.

One such estate agent from LJ Hooker in Kaleen, Australia proved just that when he decided to take Oasis classic, Wonderwall, and change the words to help him sell one of his houses in Ngunnawal.

Watch the video above.

Using just a ukulele and his mediocre singing voice, Ben Lewis takes viewers through 8 Maynard Street, which is evidently a 25 minute drive from Canberra. 

But why did he choose Wonderwall, you ask?

As the informative video ends, all becomes clear when Ben sings the lines: "And after all/You're In Ngunnawal". 


Photo and video credit: YouTube/LJ Hooker