These oil rig workers just did the best Oasis singalong ever

12 October 2015, 13:10

Oil rig workers sing Oasis

The men sang a rendition of Talk Tonight

A group of oil rig workers have taken part in an Oasis singalong for their colleagues and families back home. The video - which was uploaded on YouTube by the Manchester Evening News - sees Richard Stanway take on the role of Noel Gallagher for a rendition of Oasis track Talk Tonight.

Before singing, the 38-year-old gave a rousing speech, saying: "Good morning employees. We're gonna play this song live and unplugged from the Delta. This song represents all the boys working away from their wives, kids and girlfriends."

Soon enough, the rest of the lads join in for the chorus and Richard stands up to show off his best Oasis moves.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Richard's wife Sharron was "bursting with pride" at the tribute video. “When I saw it I just burst into tears because the lyrics are so meaningful and knew he meant every single one of them."

She added: “Richard is a big Oasis fan and this was a lovely thing to do for all of the wives and girlfriends waiting for their men to come home.”