WATCH: Awesome Footage From The First Oasis Glastonbury Performance

23 June 2017, 11:49

The footage predates Definitely Maybe and shows the band's entire gig at the legendary festival.

Vintage footage of Oasis' first ever Glastonbury appearance has appeared on YouTube. Shot as the band performs on the NME Stage (now The Other Stage), the video is from June 1994 and predates the release of Definitely Maybe by two months.

Trust us when we say they're on top form. Liam looks dead cool and his vocal is on point. Noel does't even have a microphone, that's how old it is. There's much tambourine action, a spot of crowd surfacing and Noel taunts the audience by chugging out the opening chords of Cigarettes And Alcohol before leading the band into the hit Live Forever instead.

You can watch the full set below.

You can glance over the setlist below.

Oasis live at Glastonbury '94 setlist:
Fade Away
Digsy's Dinner
Live Forever
Bring it on Down
Cigarettes & Alcohol
I Am the Walrus