Tattoo Fixers Did An Epic Noel Gallagher Cover Up...

30 December 2017, 10:41

Noel Gallagher back tattoo Tattoo Fixers E4

Check out the time a dodgy Oasis inking was fixed up...

In one of our favourite TV moments of 2017, Tattoo Fixers aired an episode which sees a man get his terrible Oasis tattoo covered up.

The E4 show - which transforms dismal drunken tattoos into works of art - featured mega-fan Ian, who got an abysmal Oasis inking after a three-day bender in the 90s.

The original tattoo, which read: "Fuck Them All U.R. My Wunderwall" had all but faded on his back, but when it came to the choice of what to cover it up with, the Oasis fan didn't have to think too hard.

Opting for a portrait tattoo of his idol, Noel Gallagher, the hapless chap enlisted the help of Jay Hutton, who's known for his realism.

See the amazing transformation here:

It wasn't just the tat that viewers were impressed by, however, with people flocking to Twitter to show their love for for Ian, who teared up when he saw the final result.

Ian also described the day he met Gallagher as the best of his life, but luckily his son didn't mind too much... 

Photo: Twitter/E4/Tattoo Fixers

Watch the show on All 4 here.