Ryan Adams Misses Oasis And Thinks They "F***ing Mattered"

28 October 2016, 17:11 | Updated: 28 October 2016, 17:20

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The singer-songwriter urged his fans to go watch Supersonic to remind them "what rocknroll means".

Ryan Adams has become the latest artist to praise Oasis.

The singer-songwriter took to social media after watching Mat Whitecross-directed Supersonic documentary to say how much he misses the Manchester band.

Taking to Twitter, the Gimme Something Good singer wrote: "Go see the movie if you need something to remind you what the fuck rocknroll means. Or why trouble matters. Or what fun is." 

Not stopping there, the 41-year-old - who previously covered the band's Wonderwall single - lamented on how "boring" music had become.

The US star also reflected on how much the band "mattered" on Instagram and criticised "cargo dad pants bands with souless, bullshit lyrics".

I think it's fair to say he was moved by the documentary, then?

If fans out there are hoping to hear an Oasis cover album from the singer-songwriter, however, they'll be very disappointed.

After a fan asked if Adams planned on covering an Strokes or Oasis record like he did with Taylor Swift's 1989, he replied that he wouldn't covering an album ever again, and was "learning to share less".

Listen to Ryan Adams cover of Wonderwall here: 


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