Oasis Reunited On Eastenders? Some Fans Actually Thought So...

30 December 2015, 12:15 | Updated: 30 December 2015, 12:55

Noasis on Eastenders screengrab

People mistook the Noasis frontman for the real Liam Gallagher at Mick Carter's stag do.

It's one of the most wanted band reunions of the decade, which is probably why when an Oasis tribute band featured on Eastenders, some people thought it was the real deal.

Tribute act Noasis performed on the soap during Mick Carter's stag do on Monday (28 December) and the resemblance between their frontman Liam Gallagher wasn't lost on the audience.

So much so, that some people thought it was Liam and the band themselves...





This guy wasn't convinced, but gave it up to Noasis for doing such a good job nonetheless.


So, while we may not be any closer to an Oasis reunion, we can definitely add some more people who want one on to the list. And if there's any certainty to be taken from all the confusion, it's that after their appearance, Noasis are probably already booked up for the whole of 2016.

See some of the praise for the band below:




Watch the tribute band in action at Isle Of Wight Festival 2015.